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Create a professional website for you

WIX home page
Outsource the website creation to us

The structure of the WIX editor is very simple. You create it by putting together the necessary parts like assembling blocks.

I have been involved in website production since 2002, but in just 20 years, website production has changed dramatically with the emergence of web production tools, from inputting HTML tags → using Dreamweaver software → flash → responsive sites mainly using CSS → WordPress. Then WIX came along.

All you have to do is communicate your image and prepare text and photos.

It is said that anyone can easily create a homepage using wordpress or WIX, but when it comes to actually creating a homepage, it is difficult to create a business homepage without the involvement of a professional, as there are issues with server and domain settings, writing text including SEO measures, creating and using images and illustrations with the right number of pixels, and taking photos. Even if it is possible, you will have to use a template as is, or start studying web design desperately from now on...

All you have to do is leave it all to "Homepage PRO" to create a simple and powerful homepage.

Until now, customers who have requested us to create their own websites have ultimately said, "Leave it to us" and "Make it for us!" For blogs, WordPress or free blog sites are fine, but to create a website on behalf of a designer, you need not only design knowledge but also the ability to use Photoshop and Illustrator. In that case, it's best to leave it to the professionals.

It's feature-packed, intuitive and fast, with experienced designers ready to help you grow your business.

We launched this "Homepage PRO" because we felt that WIX's intuitive editor (a designer's tool) is a tool that allows you to freely design according to your purpose, and that we can provide our customers with homepages that include UI/UX. From now on, we will use "Homepage PRO" for homepage production.

Add the functions you need to suit your needs

SEO Tools

SEO Tool Features
Setting is included in the package fee
Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Setting is included in the package fee

Social Media Posting

Video maker (create simple videos for social media and advertising)

Share with social media
Settings are up to you
Create a promotional video
Setup fee: 50,000 yen

WIX app (EC site production) * Select [ Business] in WIX

WIX app (reservation form) *Reservation function is free, payment function is charged

Supports EC business
Up to 20 items: 100,000 yen
Setting up a reservation function
Setup fee: 50,000 yen

Other functions and apps that support Japanese (some introductions)

Configuration and management by the customer
Marketing Tools

Linked with professional marketing tools
Connect external marketing tools for analytics, A/B testing, targeted ad campaigns, and more.

Customize your contact form

Capture leads through forms
You can create various types of custom forms, including for collecting visitor contact details, customer feedback, online payments, and more.

Quick answers, chat

Respond to visitors in real time
Answer visitors' questions in real time and encourage them to make purchases or book services. Increase your sales with chat.

Increase repeat visits

Increase repeat visits to your site
Create a members' area on your site and offer exclusive services and content to keep customers coming back.

Use the mailing list

Get subscriber engagement
You can create a mailing list of customers or subscribers and send them mass emails with newsletters, sales announcements, event announcements, and more.

Coupon distribution

Create coupons to boost sales
Distribute a variety of coupons, such as first-time purchase bonuses and repeat customer discounts, to stimulate users' desire to purchase.

Server Pricing Plan

*You will need to sign a contract with WIX in addition to the "Homepage PRO" production pack fee.

Premium plan *Select when signing the contract Starting from 1,200 yen/month (annual payment)
If we manage the maintenance, an additional fee will be charged. Please contact us for details. *Prices will be revised in October 2023.

WIX Premium Plans

New domain acquisition fee plan

*You will need to sign a contract with WIX in addition to the "Homepage PRO" production pack fee.

Domain Registration

Enter the domain name you want and the available domain names will be displayed.

For ".com", ".net", and ".info", the fee is 1,800 yen per year (renewed annually thereafter). (Discounted rates for annual payments, first year free plan available)
You can also connect your own domain registered with "" or "Muumuu Domain" to WIX.
Because the domain fees are higher than those of other companies, you can register a domain with "" or "Muumuu Domain" and connect it with WIX. We can also handle domain transfer of existing sites.
You can also protect your domain registration information with Private Domain Registration at, which costs $10.80 per year.

*Even if you search for a domain's registration information in the WHOIS directory, contact information for the domain will not be made public.

It has a wide range of functions that allow you to evolve your website according to your plan.

If you are considering a new business announcement tool or website renewal

Leave the design and production to "Homepage PRO".

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