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"Homepage PRO" uses the WIX editor to reduce production time,

Our concept is to "communicate business information and grow business" on behalf of our customers.

This is a website production service that specializes in functionality and design.

About the cost


I don't know if the production costs are low or high.

The actual cost of creating a website varies widely. Of course, if you create it yourself, it's free. You can look up the market price for website creation costs on the Internet, but if you create a custom-made website, the cost will vary depending on the creator and production company, from meetings to planning costs, design and coding costs, the number of pages to be created, the level of functionality and technology, the labor costs involved, and the number of work hours. It is natural that websites with the same specifications can cost 10,000 yen, 100,000 yen, or 1 million yen. Since there is no standard, it is natural to be anxious because you cannot compare the finished product. For this reason, we have limited the pages to be created and packaged the minimum necessary functions to set a price range that allows you to place an order with confidence. Since our company is mainly in the design business, we are sure that you will be satisfied with the precision of the finished product.


Why the package price?

"I can't believe a company like ours has a website," or "The website we made 10 years ago is just sitting there, abandoned..." If you're one of those customers, rest assured. "Homepage PRO" uses the WIX editor to reduce the amount of time that was previously spent on production, and is a plan that packages practicality and design. We offer three plans based on the number of pages to be produced, even for custom-made orders, and we have set prices that can be adopted by startup businesses that want to keep production costs down, site renewals for smartphones, and small businesses. We offer three months of free support for text corrections and content additions on pages after delivery. *Adding pages (55,000 yen/per page) and extending support will incur additional costs (16,500 yen/per three-month unit).


What is the page-by-page standard?

When viewing on a PC, it will take about 2-3 scrolls with the mouse (up to the top page of this website).


I'm worried about additional fees being charged on top of the package price

The package fee is a production plan that includes the basic planning and design, site construction, writing, illustrations, and image costs. If the number of pages and other conditions are met, there will be no additional costs.

In addition to the price of the website production package, if you need additional pages or desired function options, there will be an additional charge. We will inform you of the cost in advance, so please consult with us during the meeting.

In addition to the production costs, you will need to pay server fees (there is a free plan with ads) and domain fees (if acquiring a new one) directly to WIX before publishing.


Will you provide a quote and invoice?

After confirming the production details, we will issue a quotation before placing your order, and an invoice will be issued when work begins. Please let us know if you require a receipt.



When is payment due?

Since this is a commissioned work, payment must be made in advance when production begins. It is also possible to pay half the amount at the start of production and the remaining amount at the time of delivery.

If you would like to add pages or function options after delivery, please contact us separately. We will respond at an additional cost according to the work hours.

About website creation


deadline is?

Although it may vary slightly depending on the volume of orders, the production period is approximately one week from the start of production for the "Light Plan" and "Basic Plan", and two weeks for the "Business Plan". Please contact us if you are in a hurry due to financial settlement or subsidy applications, or if you have a desired delivery date.


How should I proceed?

First, please tell us the details of the project and your image in the consultation form. After that, we will communicate the details directly by phone, email, or ZOOM if necessary. There is no need to meet in person. If you have an internet connection, we can provide services nationwide and work fully remotely. We will plan and propose a design image based on the necessary materials (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) and email attachments. After confirmation, we will proceed with the public release process.

Consultation →

Select a plan from the inquiry form

Meeting →

Email, phone, ZOOM, etc.

Submit your manuscript →

Please provide the manuscript and images.

Suggestion →

Proposal for site image

Contract →

Payment of production fee

Production begins

Production →

Adjustment, modification, and setting of each function

Publish →

Contract with WIX

Domain Connection


3 months free support


I'm not good at writing, so I can't prepare a manuscript...

During the meeting, we will ask about your target audience, the type of business you are doing, and what your features are. A simple sketch or even just a list of bullet points is fine. We will create and rewrite the text to match your image as much as possible. Also, if you don't have a good image to put on your website, we will provide you with free illustrations or images that match your image and have been licensed for use. (We have contracts with Adobe Stock and Illustration AC.) We also work with Shutterstock, which offers free images that can only be used on the website, and the paid version (starting at 400 yen per image).


How do I send my manuscript?

If you are creating a renewal website, just let us know the URL of your existing website (there is a field to enter this in the inquiry form). You can also use the text and image data of your existing website as is. We will generally rewrite everything except images, but if you are creating additional materials or a new homepage, please put the text (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. data) and image files in one folder, compress it, and send it to the specified email address via Gigafile . We can also handle analog materials such as mailings and handwritten documents. Please consult with us in advance.



Is it possible for printing companies and production companies to subcontract production or enter into partnership agreements?

The production package pricing is set as a plan that is offered directly to customers to reduce the costs of regular website production. Of course, orders can be accepted, but as it is completely made to order, a separate estimate, including the schedule, will be provided before a contract is made. Please contact us for details.

About options


Can you produce things other than packs?

Don't worry if your product photos and service descriptions don't fit on five pages, or if your renewal site has more than 20 pages. We will create a completely custom-made website. The more pages you have, the more meetings and production time you will need. We will create the website after you have considered the content and costs before signing the contract.


Can I request a photo shoot?

Regarding photo shoots, we can accommodate requests for time, location, number of shots, model photography, etc., if a photographer is required. As this is outsourced, a separate quote will be provided.


I am considering shooting and editing videos to post on my website, and using drone footage...

Posting videos on your website is also ideal for improving search rankings, increasing access, and making it easier to understand. Of course, if you have footage available on YouTube, it can easily be displayed on your website. If you need video shooting and editing, please let us know your requirements, and we will accommodate if possible. Since this will be outsourced to an external cameraman, we will provide you with a separate quote after adjusting the schedule.


Can you also produce printed materials in conjunction with the website production?

We also handle logo designs, shop cards, business cards, and company brochures. In conjunction with the company image on your website, we provide one-stop support for the production of various promotional materials, from design to printing. Separate quotes will be provided.


Google ads and SNS ads

We have a proven track record in all of these areas. Although we enter into various contracts with our customers, we provide consulting services (for a fee) including keyword matching.

If you have any questions or concerns other than those listed above, please feel free to contact us.

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