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Design and writing and production and publication

The homepage is

Leave it to the professionals

It's easy to update your homepage after it's created.

Packed with the minimum necessary functions. Order with peace of mind.

Low-cost plans for website creation and production.
Home page creation and production, smartphone sites, site renewal

Leave it to Homepage PRO, created by professional designers.

Responsive for PCs, smartphones and tablets

Store announcements,
Smartphone payments too

Renewal of an old site

With the cart function
Also available on EC sites

Homepage creation pack by professional designers

Low-cost plans for website creation and production

simple Plan
Single page (1-2 pages)

Simple site creation


100,000 yen (excluding tax)

Business website creation


Business plan
5 pages or less

300,000 yen (excluding tax)

E-commerce website creation


EC site plan
Shopping cart included

400,000yen (excluding tax)

By professional designers
Homepage production pack


​The essential conditions for website creation are set as standard for all plans

CMS compatible

Once published, customers can log in and update, add, or modify

Smartphone compatible

Smartphone display settings are also possible. Optimized for stress-free viewing.

Always-on SSL support

Always use https URL to encrypt data from the server and prevent eavesdropping.

SEO Measures

Configure basic SEO settings to ensure your site appears at the top of search results

Blog setup

Boost your SEO and connect with your readers with easy blog posts

Social media integration

Seamless integration with Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts

Depending on the content and usage

3 plans available

Website creation: 100,000 yen

Within 1 to 2 pages

100,000 (excluding tax)

This plan allows you to quickly create a website on a low budget if you need one immediately, want a landing page to attract customers to your store, for recruiting, or to manage your own media. It is a single page (1 page) with links at the top and bottom of the page, and is created from scratch from start to finish.

Recommended business types

  • Individual business owners, start-up companies, restaurants, beauty salons, chiropractors, private practice doctors, professionals, beauty salons, campaign landing pages

Business website creation

Within 5 pages

300,000 (excluding tax)

This plan is recommended for those who want to support SSL, or for those who want to renew an existing WordPress site that has been abandoned, or for those who want to renew a website that was created several years ago. This package includes all the functions necessary for a design-driven, brand-conscious website. We will create a website with an original design that includes a company overview and business introduction.

Recommended business types

  • Small business/corporate website/recruitment website/existing website renewal/campaign landing page

Shopping cart included

400,000 (excluding tax)

E-commerce website creation

From the perspective of web marketing, this plan creates a website that will generate a great response, with an emphasis on the content, such as SEO measures and video display. We will provide a wireframe (website design diagram) in advance according to the customer's request, and create the website after confirmation.

Recommended business types

  • Small business/corporate websites/recruitment websites/membership websites/renewal of existing websites

*Prices were revised in May 2024 due to the launch of a new plan.

  1. Estimated production lead time: Details will be adjusted depending on the content of the meeting.

  2. Server environment: In addition to the above amount, a separate fee will be charged on WIX. It varies depending on the plan, but we offer plans starting from 1,200 yen/month (annual payment). If you do not need your own domain, there is also a free plan (with WIX ads).

  3. Obtaining a new domain: You can set up and purchase a domain on WIX. Once set up, you can publish your own domain immediately. The acquisition cost is about 1,800 yen/year for .com. You can also link your own domain obtained from a domain service such as to WIX.

  4. Existing domain: If you already have a website and are considering renewing it, you can easily migrate to WIX by switching the DNS of your existing domain management. (*Please check for special domains)

We also provide manuscript preparation and writing services.
Designers handle everything from production to publication


Now, after opening, we will provide support for 3 months.

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